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About Us

Our goal is to provide outstanding service and create lasting relationships with our clients when they join our computer family. Pro-Tech IT's collective experience, friendly service, and quick response time will set us apart from the rest of the providers in our field. We always strive to create a comfortable environment for our clients to ask questions and grow with us, while providing answers in that are easy to understand. Earning your respect and confidence is our top priority!

Michael Marcuse CEO

Michael Marcuse, founding partner of Pro-Tech IT INC., has performed network consulting and design services for a broad spectrum of companies here in Las Vegas for the past six years. His clients have included organizations in the finance, real estate construction, manufacturing, state government, health care, and personal home industry sectors. Prior to Pro-Tech IT, Michael's spent the past five years as an experienced technical leader serving customers with personalized networking services with complex projects particularly emphasizing small business and home solutions. He has extensive consulting and hands-on installation experience with Windows 98/2000 ME, XP, VISTA, networks, ethernet switches, firewalls, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).